Business Solutions

Maxiphy Solutions’ suite of enterprise solutions empower you to manage your processes, capture the right data, use analytics to gain valuable insights, and leapfrog the competition

Enterprise Resource Planning


We help you take control of every element that goes into your business model through intelligent, adaptable and easy to use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Our consultants work with the world’s best technology partners to deliver solutions that make genuine business sense.

Our platforms integrate all areas of your business to deliver insight and reporting that is actionable, precise and valuable.




Gain crucial insights into your customers through intuitive  Customer Relationship Management systems. Redefine your relationship with your  customers by gathering data, analyzing it, and predicting their needs and  wants. Maxiphy Solutions’ CRM solutions help you crack open organizational silos to deliver a unified customer service experience.

We also extend the CRM concept to all business applications through xRM solutions that help partners handle their suppliers, employees, stakeholders and inventory with the same ease they manage their customers. Our xRM systems are flexible, adaptable, and empowering, and help you build a unified view of you organization, regardless of the sector you operate in.



HR & Payroll

  Take control of your HR function with our task-specific ERP  systems. We help you automate time-consuming HR tasks such as payroll while maintaining detailed intelligence on employee goals, performance metrics and professional development paths. 




We enable collaboration through the Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration Platform for Enterprises and Web. We help enterprise clients create rich networks of interaction and communication across private Intranets and the Web.


Our SharePoint solutions empower you to communicate effectively to make better decisions with timely information, and free up your teams from geographical constraints. With social sharing and discussion capabilities, we help you create innovative ecosystems of collaboration that deliver business results.